GMO seeds.

You’ve heard about them. You have probably eaten foods created with them without your knowledge.

So, what’s the big deal?

We’re here to tell you, you should be skeptical.

A pile of GMO seeds as advertised in Spoken Garden's "GMO seeds and why they're bad" podcast

In our “GMO Seeds, Why They’re Bad, and Why You Should Be Skeptical,” we’ll explain reasons why GMO seeds should be avoided.

This episode is meant for any level of gardener who wants to learn more about different types of seeds that are used to create some of the food we eat.

Also, check out our previous podcast interview with the Organic Seed Alliance to learn more about organic and heirloom seeds. Learn about what they’re doing to change the way we think about our seeds!

GMO Seeds Are Bad?

You want to eat healthier, but you’re not sure where to start.

Researching where your food comes from is important.

For example, do you know what GMO stands for or where they came from? What’s the difference between GMO and non-GMO seeds?

3 questions to get you thinking:

  • How are GMO seeds influencing our overall health?
  • How are GMOs affecting current crops?
  • How do GMOs affect the environment at large?

Listen to this podcast for more!


You can find the Show Notes below with the links to more information to form your own opinion.


GMO Seed Episode Show Notes:

Here are some reasons why we think GMO seeds are bad:

  • First, Modified Seeds outcompete or outgrow other plants.
  • A second reason is Our future crops will become more vulnerable.
  • And lastly, the unknown and untested effects on the human body could lead to allergies and possibly other ailments.

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Today’s Topic:

GMO Seeds and Why They’re Bad

Learn 3 reasons how GMOs could be affecting our environment, our health and why you should be skeptical!


Show Notes

Mulching Cheat Sheet Guide from our Free Resources Library

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is a GMO?
  • Why GMOS are used
  • Reasons why you should be very skeptical of GMO seeds in our opinion


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