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Gardening Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Spoil the women in your life with gardening gifts for Mother’s Day. Learn about 5 of the best garden-inspired options that will delight them for months to come.


Mother’s Day is almost here and it is time to celebrate the love, support, and patience of the many women in your life.

Most likely you are here because you are looking for a special, unique gift for the woman who loves to spend time in her garden.

Luckily, we have you covered!

Whether you’re looking for a summer-blooming flower, veggie or herb-growing kit, or you’re here but you’re not sure what to gift, you can find choices below that will be sure to delight.

These gifts will bring joy to any garden-loving moms and provide lots of fun into the summer and beyond!


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Mother’s Day Garden Gift Ideas

If your mom, grandma, wife, best friend, or aunt enjoys gardening, and chances are they do because you are here, then what better way to treat them than to unique, garden-related gifts!

Furthermore, since it’s May, the 5th month of the year, we thought we would present 5 different Mother’s Day Garden Gift Ideas for you to choose from. 

Get ready to start shopping!


1) Mexican Salsa Vegetable Garden Starter Kit – Non-GMO 

Various veggies and a kitchen knife advertising gardening gifts for Mother's day

Gift a salsa growing kit for Mother’s day and they can make their own salsa from home!

Our first pick is such a fun, unique gift, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you.

By growing a potted salsa garden, you are enabling your gift recipient the ability to gather tomatoes, peppers, chives, cilantro, and onion from their own home.

Each beautiful gift box contains:

  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Cilantro
  • Assorted peppers
  • Basil
  • Seed label sticks
  • Growing trays
  • Humidity dome
  • And more!

Pick between your choice of basic, deluxe or premium sizes. Each salsa garden starter kit size differs in the number of seeds and extras that are added to each gift box. 

To level up, you could plant all these seeds in the kit and then give your mom the growing plants ready to place in her garden already in a pot, or maybe go with her to the store so she can pick out the right pot she likes; you’re buying of course.

What is even better is this kit can become a year-round option with the ability to grow it indoors on a countertop or on a windowsill making it easy to collect your salsa trimmings!


  • Grow fresh, homegrown salsa veggies
  • Can grow indoors
  • Multiple seeds included
  • 3 different sizes available


2) Culinary Herb Seed Starter Kit 

Gift a starter herb-growing kit for Mother’s day and they can enjoy herbs all year!

Our second pick is a great, versatile gift for any gardener, cook, or lover of pollinators!

Perfect for someone who has never grown herbs before or who wants to try indoor gardening, this herb seed starter kit comes with everything needed to begin.

This herb kit includes an assortment of medicinal and tea herbs for multiple plantings. And, what could be better than picking fresh herbs right from the kitchen?

Each indoor herb-growing kit contains:

  • Chamomile seeds
  • Lavender seeds
  • Calendula seeds
  • Lemon Mint seeds
  • Echinacea seeds
  • Yarrow seeds
  • Growing trays
  • Humidity dome
  • Seed label sticks
  • And more!

Similar to the salsa growing kit above, pick between your choice of basic, deluxe or premium sizes which differ in the number of seeds and supplies in each kit.

With this gardening gift, your mom has the chance to grow her own herbs to really get into her cooking and take all her dishes to a new flavor-level.


  • Grow fresh, medicinal and tea herbs
  • Suitable for indoor growing
  • Multiple seeds included
  • Growing tray included
  • 3 different sizes available


3) Blazing Star – Flowering Liatris spicata 

Purple Liatris spicata flowers

Liatris spicata bulbs make perfect Mother’s day gardening gifts because they bloom in the summer!

Does your mom, grandmother, or aunt like cut flowers? Really, who doesn’t, right? 

Give the gift of summer-blooming Liatris spicata flowers that are perfect for pollinators, landscaping, and cut flowers!

These small bulbs can be planted this spring and will bloom this summer. Think of this as a gift that keeps on giving with long-lasting flowers in the garden and then as cut flowers.

Also, there are other plants that your mom can plant in the spring to have flowering THIS summer!


  • Really easy to grow and low maintenance
  • Beautiful blue-colored bloom
  • Blooms in the summer
  • Great cut flower
  • Long-lasting cut bloom
  • Loved by pollinators


4) Calla Lily Bulbs 

Pink Calla lilies for Mother's day

Gift Calla lily bulbs for Mother’s day and they can enjoy cut flowers all summer!

Another great cut flower option is the Calla lily. These spring-planted bulbs will often flower throughout the summer for continuous cut flowers!

These Calla lily bulbs from Eden Brothers are really easy to grow and thrive in almost any soil. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that can be the focus of your mom’s garden, growing and then blooming pretty much the whole summer.

This is an Eden Brothers specialty where they have grouped a whole bunch of plants together for you to peruse for spring planting that bloom in the following summer. With these plants, you will be giving your mom flowers all summer long. 


  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Thrive in most kinds of soil
  • Some bloom all summer
  • Bulbs can be planted any time
  • Great cut flower
  • Long-lasting cut bloom


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5) The Apollo Garden Tool Gift Set with bonus pink apron 

Check out this cute Apollo Garden Tool Gift Set which is a great idea for someone who is using old, rusty tools that are worn out and well-loved.

With this set, your mom will receive a cast-aluminum hand trowel, a planting hand trowel, a hand claw for weeding, small hand pruners for finer-more delicate pruning cuts, garden rake, garden gloves, and more. Plus, it comes with a cute pink and black garden apron!

Another bonus gift is the donation made to the Breast Cancer Research Association with your purchase!

Lots of wins with this gift!! 


  • Donation made to Breast Cancer Research Association with your purchase
  • 7-piece set which includes cast-aluminum gardening hand tools, gloves, and more!
  • Soft, foam kneeling pad
  • Pink and black apron with large, front pockets


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Gardening Gifts for Mother’s Day Conclusion

We hope you found these mother’s day gifts inspirational and unique.

Whether you are interested in gifting the salsa starter kit, herb kit, garden tool gift set, or something else, be confident that you are spoiling the mother in your life with a garden-inspired gift for Mother’s Day.

Like our gifts above, our mom’s love never really stops.

Don’t forget to use our special coupon code “SPOKEN” for an extra 15% off any of your Eden Brothers purchases!!

Now we want to hear from you!

Which gift above would make the perfect gift for you and why?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below!



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Spoil mom with gardening gifts for Mother’s Day. Learn about 5 of the best garden-inspired options that will delight them for months to come.


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