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Free Downloads

  • [Download] Bulb Planting Free Reference Guide
  • [DownloadPlanting Garden Bulbs Note-taking guide
  • [Download]  General Note-Taking Guide


Bulbs for Sale

We love planting bulbs in the fall or spring and have several varieties planted all around our yard! It is always so exciting when they begin to pop up out of the ground.

For all the flower bulbs, we have a deal for you through our favorite supplier, Eden Brothers.

When you get to the Eden Brothers checkout, because we are affiliates (which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you which helps us run our website and podcast), use our special coupon code “SPOKEN” for an extra 15% off your order!! 

First, enter SPOKEN into their coupon code box (just like the first photo). You will know you received the coupon if you see the “coupon applied” notice (see the second photo).




Fall-Planted / Spring Flowering Bulbs


Spring-Planted / Summer Flowering Bulbs



Bulb Planting Tools

We recommend the following tools for your bulb planting tasks. The tools below are meant to be used either before planting bulbs or for after-care.