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Your First-time Gardener Bonus

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From our first book,

The First-time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers – All the know-how you need to plant and tend outdoor areas using eco-friendly methods“, 

Dig Deeper into each chapter and learn more about plant and flower care from Sean and Allison McManus

Chapters and Videos 

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Chapter 1

 Plant Hardiness

Chapter 2  

Building a Seasonal Container and Plant Choices

Chapter 3 – part 1  (Coming Soon)

How to Use Hand Tools in Your Garden

Chapter 3 – part 2

How to Find Your Garden’s Soil Texture

Chapter 4

How to Correctly Orient and Plant Bulbs

Chapter 5

How to Correctly Spread Mulch Around Plants

Chapter 6

How to Identify Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Chapter 7

How to Create a Garden Path Using Repurposed Materials