Learn why Corona tools are a great choice for any gardener, specifically a new homeowner, in this interview with Chris from Corona. Hear about his gardening journey, his extensive knowledge of Corona products, and more.

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Corona tools hand pruners

Corona Tools has been a huge name in the garden tool industry for over 90 years.

On this episode, Sean interviews Chris Sabbarese from Corona Tools to talk about his gardening journey, his knowledge of Corona tools, and specific tools that would perfect for any beginning gardeners or new homeowners.

Plus, hear how the company is developing new twists on older products for the ever-changing garden industry, including tools for new homeowners, fruit and flower production, arborists, and other industries.

Also, on this episode, hear how you could be one of five lucky winners to get a free pair of Corona ClassicCut 3/4″ pruning hand shears! (Check out our Instagram post for more on that).Chris from Corona Tools

This podcast episode is part of our new series we are developing to bring you more value and help you along your gardening journey by interviewing garden authors, professionals, and industry members.

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Today’s Guest:

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Chris Sabbarese from Corona Tools, the North American Digital Marketing and Communications Manager.

Website: Corona Tools USA

Instagram: Coronatools

What You’ll Learn

  • How Chris got started and interested in gardening.
  • How he moved to California and began working for Corona tools.
  • Hear about Corona’s best pruning tools and other gardening tools they offer.
  • Links for further resources or education throughout the post.

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(By the way, some of the resources and products below may be affiliate links, meaning we might get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.)

Below are two of the tools Chris Sabbarese discussed on this episode. Each of these tools would greatly benefit a beginning gardener or new homeowner in several ways. Hear why on the podcast.

Pruning Shears

You will need a good, sturdy pair of pruning shears and these are the best in our opinionThese pruning shears from Corona are super sharp and stay sharp.

These would be perfect for deadheading, snipping, or other general light pruning tasks. We use ours all the time!

FlexDIAL Comfort Gel Bypass Pruners

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