Growing organic seeds in your garden are not only beneficial but also environmentally responsible.

And we know you want to help the environment.

But, what do you really know about organic seeds and how can they benefit our food systems?

Colorful medley of home-grown carrots from organic seeds

In this special interview with the Organic Seed Alliance, we talk about how organic seed advocacy can benefit local farmers, gardeners, and the public at large.

This episode is meant for any level of gardener who wants to:

  • Learn more about how organic seeds are beneficial
  • Learn how non-profits are advocating for organic seeds
  • How to purchase organic seeds for their own garden.

Organic Seed Alliance: A Small Organization With Big Dreams

On this episode, Allison and I travel out to the Washington state peninsula for a county Farm Tour supported by the Washington State University extension agency.

Here we interview two groups responsible for bringing awareness to the importance of food production and trying to further our understanding of how we need to think about our environment.

We met with Cara Loriz and Laurie McKenzie at the Finn River Cidery in Chimacum, Wa, where Organic Seed Alliance has a trial farm. Here they evaluate and collect different vegetable crops in the region to further organic seed education within local farming communities.


Their motto should be, “local advocacy for national change.”

Listen to this episode to learn about how these ladies are advocating for change at both the local and national levels. Also, gain a better understanding of why growing organic and heirloom seeds is more sustainable and better for our gardens.

You can find the Show Notes below with the links mentioned in this episode!

Episodes Show Notes:

Here are a few highlights from our amazing interview:

  • The value and importance of organic seeds
  • How advocacy and education are benefitting local farmers
  • Why their favorite vegetables to experiment with are carrots.

You can find out more about Cara and Laurie, and the Organic Seed Alliance.

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Today’s Topic:

Organic Seeds & Advocacy

Learn how the Organic Seed Alliance, a non-profit, is promoting the use of organic seeds through education and advocacy.


Show Notes

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The value and importance of using organic seeds.
  • How advocacy and education benefit local farmers.
  • How and where to buy organic seeds.


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