Learning this helpful weeding strategy can help you be more proactive in the garden.

Weeding your garden can become a such an overwhelming task in your regular garden maintenance routine.

Pulling out weed after weed only to watch in horror as they pop back up a couple of weeks later.

What you need is a proactive weed control strategy you can use any time of year!

Pulling weeds in the garden in Spoken Garden's podcast

In Ep. 21 – “Proactive Weed Control Strategy” – we’ll teach you how to manage those pesky weeds any season by preventing them from forming in the first place.

This episode is for those of you who need help with the basics of weeding, including how to get started and how to implement your own plan.



Proactive Approach or Reactive?

A lot of people dread weeding because it’s a garden maintenance task that often takes up too much time, but it doesn’t have to!

Weeds are garden pests and the best way to rid your garden of them is to practice good pest prevention.

Different weeds grow, flower, and reproduce during different times of the year. 


In the spring months, you might see:

  • Vetch
  • Clover
  • Dandelions

In the summer-fall months, you might see:

  • Blackberry canes
  • Thistle
  • Morning Glory


We want to help you understand how to develop a proactive weeding strategy as well as strategize for your own yard using one of our two scenarios below.


Proactive Weeding Strategy

A proactive approach to gardening would occur when you anticipate a problem or need of your garden and then plan for it.

You get to make the first move before any weeds have a chance to grow or germinate.

In this podcast, we describe two garden scenarios in detail so you can visualize this strategy in action.


Reactive Weeding Strategy

A reactive response to your garden would occur when you wait for something to happen and then react to it accordingly.

It is not a bad thing, necessarily, because often we don’t have a choice what happens in our garden.



Proactive Gardening Supplies

We have suggestions for awesome weeding tools we highly recommend for your proactive gardening strategy.

Click each link below to purchase any of these tools on Amazon.


Proactive Weed Control Conclusion

These proven ways to be a proactive gardener can help you get on top of your garden’s weeding tasks for the long-term!

You’ll also begin to notice other positive effects like healthier soil and garden ecosystem.

By saving time and energy in the garden, you can focus on the garden tasks that bring you the most joy.

Now we want to hear from you!

What tips above were the most helpful for you?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!



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A single dandelion weed that has gone to seed and a woman weeding as part of our proactice weed control strategies for your garden.

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Adopting a proactive weeding strategy can help you be more productive in the garden.

*Spoken Garden is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


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Today’s Topic: 

Proactive Weed Control 

Learn how to be proactive with your weeding tasks any time of year to save you time and energy!


Show Notes

“Prune Like a Pro” Cheat Sheet!

“And That’s Good to Know” Segment

Bittersweet Nightshade

(Solanum dolcamara)

What You’ll Learn:

  • What defines a weed and how you can identify certain varieties.
  • How to be “proactive” instead of “reactive” with your weed control strategies.
  • Examples of scenarios you could use to plan your proactive weed control strategy.
  • Difference between bittersweet nightshade and deadly nightshade.
  • How to identify bittersweet nightshade.



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