Go green in your garden with these four Earth Day ideas and help bring awareness to this important cause.

You consider yourself an environmentally-conscious person.

Recycling is a regular practice in your house, plus you have cut down on your plastic use and eliminated most pesticides or chemicals from your house. But, you know there is more you can do.

Let me ask you this, how “green” is your garden? Other than the obvious, of course.

In the spirit of the upcoming Earth Day, we’ve gathered 4 simple ideas to present to you guaranteed to up your game and extend your earth-friendly habits to your yard.

Earth-friendly garden ideas


In “Earth Day Ideas and Awareness in Your Garden” – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 76 – learn how you can “green” up your garden with 4 simple ideas you can implement into your gardening strategy.

This episode is meant for any gardener who wants to find ways to promote earth-friendly habits in their garden.

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Also, we’ve created a spring shopping list that might be helpful for you!


Earth Day History

Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970 when people took to the streets to protest the ongoing negative impact of over 150 years of industrial pollution and development.

Today, it is a global event and it is believed that over a billion people around the world take part in it each year.

Earth Day is a worldwide commitment that aims to bring awareness to how we interact with our environment and planet, including our gardens!


Earth Day Ideas

There are many steps you can take to implement an eco-friendly garden.

By committing to earth-friendly gardening methods, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to make a big difference in this global movement.

You can bring awareness of earth day through your garden in many ways, and these small steps can really add up.

Four earth day ideas for your garden are:

1) Plant Native Plants

Sounds so simple, right?

By planting these region-specific flowers, you can really pack a punch in your eco-friendly gardening efforts.

Native plants require less water and less maintenance because they are already adapted to your environment.

Every state and region has its own unique native plants. To find more information for your area, click here.


2) Promote local pollinators and wildlife

This one act of earth-friendliness is so imperative for the future of our pollinators.

By creating or replicating the natural habitat of these important critters, you can ensure their survival.

Create safe places for food and water, provide shelter, and plant native plants to invite them into your garden.

You will be happy you made the effort


3) Reuse or Repurpose Various Items

Be creative with your trash!

Reuse and repurpose the materials from around your house into your garden so they don’t go into the landfill or our oceans.

This important act can help have lasting effects on the health of our planet for years to come.


4) Verbal Communication

By simply talking to your friends, family, and neighbors about local news and ecological or environmental issues, even just lightly discussing, you can help spread the word.

Bring awareness to those around you and make them think about their place in it.


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Earth Day Videos

Below are a couple of videos that you might enjoy.

We hope they inspire you and offer more earth day gardening ideas.



Green Gardening Products and Resources

Below are several products we’ve curated for you to help you with your eco-friendly garden.


Pollinator Garden

Create your own pollinator garden with these seeds from Eden Brothers. We recommend Eden Brothers because they only carry non-GMO seeds that are very healthy.

In fact, we ordered quite a few seeds from them this year and the online ordering process was very easy. Plus their selection is awesome and the shipping was super fast.

We ordered the “Daisy Crazy” mix and the Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix to help promote more pollinators to our yard.


Earth Day Resources

These two books below are great additional resources for learning more about eco-friendly practices for your garden.





Earth Day Conclusion

We’ve presented a brief history of earth day and 4 ideas for how you can go green in your garden.

From planting native plants to attracting local pollinators, you can ensure your garden will be happy as you create a more sustainable, eco-friendly yard.

Now we want to hear from you!

What earth day ideas do you wish to try in your own garden?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!


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Go green in your garden with these four Earth Day ideas and help bring awareness to this important cause.


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Earth Day Ideas

Learn ideas and suggestions for ways to promote and celebrate Earth Day in your garden.


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