You’re ready to create a low-water, drought-tolerant garden and you’re in just the right place!drought-tolerant landscape

Our drought-tolerant kit is your central shopping hub for all things drought-tolerant, including products, plants, books, and more!


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Drought-Tolerant Products For Your Yard and Lawn

Gilmour 75′ soaker hose (or drip hose)

Flexzilla watering hose

Orbit Water timer

RTS Rain collection barrel

Drought-Tolerant Books

Further your education with these great book suggestions!


Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens: 200 Drought-Tolerant Choices For All Climates


Lawn Gone!: Low-Maintenance, Sustainable, Attractive Alternatives For Your Yard

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Your Landscape


Drought-Tolerant Plants



Drought-Resistant Plants

Drought-Tolerant Resources For Further Education

Below are some great resources to further your learning.