Have you been hearing other gardeners talk about sowing seeds this fall? Are you wondering how to begin sowing your own seeds or why it might be necessary? With our fall perennial seed sowing tips, you’ll learn quick strategies for getting seeds in the ground now. The fall season is a great time to sow some of your favorite seeds but a lot of your seed sowing should occur in the spring. We’ve included examples for both fall and spring seeds you can direct sow into your garden beds. Listen to our quick segment on this “DIY Garden Minute” to learn about fall perennial seed sowing. Our tips and ideas will help you learn how to do it correctly! This episode is for beginner to the more advanced gardeners who want to learn how best to sow seeds this fall.

Are you looking to Save Seeds From Common Garden Vegetables?  Look No Further!

We want to share with you the Simple Seed Saving course!

Picture for seed collecting course by Kait Ahlin, showing beans, tomatoes, and other vegetable crops.

Kait’s Garden course called Simple Seed Saving!

Simple Seed Saving is an online course developed by Kait’s Garden, a Homesteading and Family Farming Blog, run by Kait Ahlin who lives with her husband and family in western Montana! She is passionate about organic gardening and seed saving and wants to share her knowledge with you through her course, Simple Seed Saving. Watch a course demo here and be sure to let her know that Spoken Garden sent you! Start collecting your garden vegetable seeds by following this easy-to-follow online course with downloadable reference charts and the course never expires because you have lifetime access!   Best of all the condensed information of the course can be quickly completed in an afternoon.

Fall Garden Task Series

For more information on various fall garden tasks, check out our 7-episode Fall Garden Tasks podcast series!! Our 7-episode, podcast series will outline 8 different garden tasks you should be doing this fall or should consider adding to your list. All of these garden maintenance tasks are crucial to the health of your garden. The FALL GARDEN TASK episodes are:

  1. Ep. 22: Introduction to the 8 Fall Garden Tasks and our own Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge!
  2. Ep. 23: Fall Weeding Tips and Effortless Leaf Clean Up
  3. Ep. 24: Fall Garden Mulching and Lawn Maintenance
  4. Ep. 25: Fall Pruning
  5. Ep. 26: Fall Planting, Transplanting, and Fertilizing
  6. Ep. 27: Fall Equipment Maintenance
  7. Ep. 28: Fall Garden Task Series Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Need Pruning Supplies For Your Fall Pruning Tasks??

  Follow along and join our Fall Bootcamp Challenge!   

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Today’s Topic:

Fall Perennial Seed Sowing!

Learn quick strategies for sowing your fall seeds.


Show Notes Pruning Cheat Sheet at our Free Resources Page

What You’ll Learn:

  • Quick seed sowing tips.
  • Examples of seeds to sow in the fall vs. the spring.


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