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Learn these 5 steps to care for your spring flowering bulbs on this quick garden minute podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What spring flowering bulbs need
  • 5 specific steps to care for your spring flowering bulbs
  • And what “keep the green” means

Caring for Your Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs add so much to our gardens and we seem to never get enough of their beauty. AND, it always seems like a nice surprise when we see them in the early spring, BUT how do you take care of them? What do they need and how do you get it done?

Well, here is how we take care of our bulbs, and how you should take care of your spring flowering bulb as they start to grow this spring:

  1. Once you see a bulb start to break through the soil surface, you need to start consistently watering it.
  2. The best time to fertilize spring flowering bulbs in after they are done flowering and still have green leaves so the will store essential nutrients for the coming season next spring. Also, you can add fertilizer when planting your bulbs in the fall, like Bulb-tone by Espoma.
  3. Cut the flowers only after they have fully withered on their stem, and then you can cut each flower off, but leave the green leaves so they can continue to photosynthesize and store as much energy as possible for next year. Cutting old flowers is easy with hand pruners, like Corona’s ClassicCUT Bypass Hand Pruners.
  4. After flowering, you can cut back watering so they start to go into dormancy.
  5. Finally, once a bulbs leaves have completely turned brown and withered to the ground, you can then cut and remove those dead leaves.


Once your bulbs have stopped growing this spring and are going into full dormancy, this is also a good time to transplant them and move them to another part of your garden. This can also be a good time to give away to another gardener to start in their own garden.

Remember to not cut away the green leaves of a bulb. Keep the green until they are withered or you could negatively impact that bulbs ability to grow healthy and flower next year.

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Happy Bulb Planting and Thank You for listening!!

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