Learn about a great bundle of digital products perfect for a beginning gardener’s education (and on sale!). Find out more in this quick podcast.


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Holiday sale for beginning gardener's education

Today’s Topic:

Beginning Gardener’s Education

In this podcast, you’ll hear about four beginning gardener educational resources that we’re bundling together for one low holiday price.

Check out and Buy the Bundle Here!

What You’ll Learn

  • Information about a sale we’re featuring on four educational garden resources.
  • Links for further resources or education.

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Some of the resources and products below may be affiliate links, meaning we might get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

The most important tool in your toolbox as a new gardener is knowledge and know-how. 

Along your garden journey, you’re going to need the educational foundation, skills, tools, pro-tips, and more to teach you about garden maintenance so you can take care of your own yard. 

Build your confidence in garden maintenance with this package of four-tools-in-one.

This quick podcast will discuss our Beginning Gardener’s Education Package. Four, awesome digital products designed to help any first-time gardener learn garden maintenance basics and bundled together for one low price.

Perfect for a beginning gardener or new homeowner, this episode will help you find options to expand your learning (and save money while doing it).


Beginning Gardener’s Education

As a first-time or new gardener, garden maintenance will seem scary until you educate yourself on the basics. 

Just for you, we have put together a bundled package of our three eBooks and one of our audio courses, Smart Pruning Basics, to help you build your confidence in your garden maintenance. 


In our Beginning Gardener’s Education Package, we’re offering four digital products:

  • Four-Season Gardening eBook – Will teach you how to care for various perennial plants through all four seasons with pro-tips and specific seasonal information to keep your garden healthy and looking good.
  • Proactive Weeding Strategies eGuide – Will offer you quick and easy options to control and clear weeds away in your garden. 
  • Bulb Planting eGuide – Will teach you how to identify, handle, and plant each of the five different types of bulbs both flowering or edible.
  • Smart Pruning Basics audio course – Will instruct you on the basics of pruning, including when, where, and why you should prune your plants.


All of these have been bundled together for you for one low, holiday price of $7.95. You won’t find this deal anywhere else. 

When you grab this package, you’ll get all this crucial beginning gardener information all together in one smart package.


Beginning Gardener Tools and Supplies

Newer gardeners may feel confused when picking out the proper tools and supplies for their garden maintenance needs. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite items any of which would be perfect for beginners.

The question is what tools might they be missing?


1) For Planting 

Hand Trowel


2) For Watering

Garden Hose

You’ll need some type of garden hose for your plants and this is one of the highest-rated on Amazon from Flexzilla. It is flexible, durable, and comes in multiple lengths for whatever size your yard.



Watering Wand

Water Timer

Here’s a huge time-saving tip, set up a drip hose and a water timer so you don’t have to waste time, water, or money hand watering your plants.

We love this water timer by Orbit because it is easy to set up, has a manual override option for when you need your hose, and features two hose attachments which is awesome.



3) For Deadheading or Trimming

Pruning Shears

You will need a good, sturdy pair of pruning shears and these are the best in our opinion! These pruning shears from Corona are super sharp and stay sharp.

These would be perfect for deadheading, snipping, or other general light pruning tasks. We use ours all the time!



Additional Garden Books 

If you’re looking for further educational resources about all types of plants and perennials, these two books below are both great and worth checking out (or adding to your wishlist).


American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

This is a great reference guide for tons of plants from the American Horticultural Society.



Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms

This book has stunning images, how-tos, and planting information to grow your own cutting garden.

Or, if you need to shop for other garden plants for this fall, click here to find what you need!

Thanks for Listening!!!

Every gardener has to begin with education in order to improve their knowledge.

Build your confidence in garden maintenance with the four digital products offered in our Beginning Gardener’s Education Package so you can properly care for your yard.

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