Awesome Gardening Gifts For Dad (That He’ll Be Sure To Love)

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Spoil the guys in your life with these gardening gifts for dad. Learn about 5 awesome, tech-inspired gadgets or time-saving gifts for dad to use in the yard or garden.

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Father’s Day is almost here. This is a great time to celebrate the men in our lives for their love, support, hard work, and dedication. But, these gifts don’t have to just be ear-marked for one day of the year, what about Christmas, birthdays, or just because? 

You’ve been wondering about a unique gardening gift for the dad in your life and want to find something that represents his love of the yard and garden. With all the possible options, none of the gifts you’ve found are unique enough or would appeal to the technology or gadget-lover in him.

Don’t worry, we have you covered! You’ll find five options below that are sure to win his approval!


Included in our Father’s Day gift guide:  


If you’re pressed for time and need to order a gift quickly, we wanted to recommend an awesome,  garden-gadget guaranteed to be a hit with any tech-loving dad. This specific Father’s Day gift would be perfect for any dad because every gardener takes pride in their yard and doesn’t want it destroyed by pests!

This motion-activated sprinkler will deter pests and critters humanely while protecting lawns and gardens. What a great idea!

By the way, listen to our complimentary podcast Ep. 36- Father’s Day Gardening Gifts


Gardening Gifts for Dads

If your dad, grandpa, husband, or any other man in your life enjoys gardening (and chances are they do because you are here) then what better way to treat them than with a unique gardening gift!

Get ready to start shopping! Click on any of these links to take you to exactly what you’re looking for, or scroll down to keep reading. 


The RoboMow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower 

RoboMow found on Amazon

This RoboMow robotic mower would make a great Father’s day gift!

Our first pick is such a fun, unique gift, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you!

Does the dad in your life enjoy technology-inspired gifts and gadgets? Can you imagine a better gift than a robotic lawnmower?!

This gardening gift could eliminate all the time and effort dad spends mowing. He could have more time for other gardening activities or outdoor chores.


RoboMow Highlights:

  • He can start mowing with one press of a button
  • Best for small yards of up to 1/20 of an acre or 2,100 square foot lawn
  • Can cut between 0.5 and 1.75 inches
  • Mower will run for 90-120 minutes

Also, find other tech-related gifts for dad at Amazon’s gift shop.



Rain Bird GrdnerKit Drip Irrigation Gardener’s Drip Kit

Rain Bird gardener's irrigation drip kit found on Amazon.

This water irrigation drip kit includes everything dads need to set up the system.

Does dad spend a lot of time watering his yard or garden? This gift would be perfect for him! Help dad save even more time in the yard with this irrigation kit. We have one similar to this in our yard and it saves loads of time and uses less water overall.

The Rain Bird Gardener’s Drip Kit includes everything he needs to start and install a water-saving drip system. This 50-piece kit includes instructions and everything he needs to get it set up (and no crazy digging or plumbing required)! 

Bonus idea: Want to make this time-saving gift even more efficient? Give him an automatic water time to go with his new drip system!


Drip Irrigation Kit Highlights: 

  • Simple installation
  • Provides coverage for up to 75-square feet
  • Precise drip watering uses less water which results in less weeds
  • Includes the installation and system modifying tools
  • Timer or other automation is sold separately


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Orbit Yard-Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler 

Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler found on Amazon

This motion-activated sprinkler is a great, humane pest deterrent

Does dad complain about all the squirrels, moles, deer, or other pests that tear up his garden? This gift would be perfect! It humanely deters pests by blasting them with water when they are detected. And, it works throughout the day and night.

The Orbit Yard-Enforcer Sprinkler even has intelligent sensing so it can tell the difference between an animal and a tree blowing in the wind.


Motion-Activated Sprinkler Highlights:

  • Humanely and safely repel animals and pests 
  • Has a stable design
  • Has a day and night mode for 24-hour monitoring
  • Has sensors that help save water and battery life


Grocery Delivery Service from AmazonFresh

For a really unique idea, try gifting a grocery subscription service! You could gift a free trial of Amazon Fresh with unlimited fresh food to your special guys’ house.                                                                                

When he wants to bbq, he can just order what he wants and have it shipped to his home. No one has to go to the store! He can order his burgers, steaks, veggies, and chicken with same day or next-day delivery. 

The only caveat is that he will need to be an Amazon Prime Member which you could gift at the same time as the Amazon Fresh trial! 


AmazonFresh Highlights:

  • Groceries and household supplies delivered to dad’s door
  • He can set up his delivery for the same day or next day
  • He can shop at Whole Foods and other retailers through Amazon Fresh
  • He needs to be an Amazon Prime member


Check out this video below to learn more!



The WulfPowerPro Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Does your guy often use heavy, loud leaf blowers, mowers, or chainsaws in the yard (but doesn’t wear ear protection as many times as you’ve asked him to)? Gift him these comfortable, functional headphones that he can wear while he works.

He can listen to music or podcasts with the built-in wireless BlueTooth. He can even answer his phone calls without removing these Noise-Cancelling Headphones!


Wireless Headphones Highlights: 

  • Reduces noise and protects ears from hazardous sounds while working
  • FM radio and MP3 player
  • Reduces up to 29 dB of noise
  • Equipped with Bluetooth hands-free calling and FM Digital Radio
  • Has a rechargeable battery and LCD-display


Great Gardening Book Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to include books as a present. Books make wonderful gifts for anyone!

Below are some options for you that will arrive quickly because each item offers Prime shipping!


The Vegetable Garder’s Bible


National Wildlife Federations: Attracting Birds, Butterflies, And Other Backyard Wildlife


The Organic Lawn Care Manual


The Lawn Bible



Even More Gift Ideas for Dad

If you still haven’t found what you need, check out a few of our previous holiday gift guides.



Awesome Father’s Day Video

Watch the RoboMow in action to learn more about it!


Gardening Gifts Conclusion

We hope you found these gift ideas inspirational and unique.

Whether you decide to gift the RoboMow, the motion-activated pest control sprinkler, or something else, be confident that you are spoiling the dad in your life with a garden-inspired gift.

Now we want to hear from you!

Which gift above would make the perfect gift and why? Let us know by leaving a quick comment below!


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Spoil the guys in your life with gardening gifts for dad. Learn about 5 awesome tech-inspired gadgets or timesaving gift ideas for dad to use in the yard or garden.


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