Learn how to care for your Poppy Anemone plants this spring before, during, and after they bloom in this mini plant profile.



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Purple spring-blooming anemone flower

Today’s Topic: 

Anemone Care in a Mini Plant Profile for You

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to care for your Poppy Anemone before, during, and after flowering. This is a great plant to add to almost any garden for Spring to Summer flowers so listen to hear all about it on this week’s DIY Garden Minute podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Anemone plant facts and great advice on how to keep it healthy in your garden.
  • What to do before, during, and after your Poppy Anemone flowers.
  • Resources and links for more information.

Anemone are beautiful early spring to early summer flowering plant that can help you welcome the spring season! There are amazingly bright colors to choose from and here is quick information to help you care best for your Anemone starting this spring.


  • Are considered a perennial Rhizomes or Tuber-bulbs.
  • Are in the Buttercup family of plants, Ranunculaceae.
  • Flowers come in colors of white, blue, pink, red, and purplish-red.
  • Blooms from early spring to early summer, with some blooming in the Fall.
  • Generally, most species grow in USDA= Hardy to zones 3 to 8, but some will be hardier than others, so check your specific plants’ hardiness zone. 
  • Most Anemone prefer partial shade.
  • They like rich, well-draining loamy soil. This means an equal mix of sand, silt, and clay with organic matter mixed in.
  • They need regular watering while growing and flowering. Excessive water or wetness can lead to rot.
  • Native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, along with Japan.
  • Minimal maintenance required overall. Just keep them watered on a regular schedule. Be sure to cut away old blooms after they have withered, treating them like any other bulb for maintenance. Keep leaves until they either wither and die or need some trimming for other surrounding plants needs.


Listen to the podcast above for more plant care facts.  And, if you have more questions on how to care for your crocus flowers, please email us and let us know.



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Purple spring-blooming anemone flower

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Learn how to care for your Poppy Anemone plants this spring before, during, and after they bloom in this mini plant profile.