Learn about this one 2021 garden trend on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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What You’ll Learn:

One 2021 Garden Trend that you can add to your garden.


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A Fun New Gardening Trend to Look for in 2021

It’s 2021 and we know you want to try new and exciting things in your garden this new year!

And you are not alone; according to Garden Media Group, an award-winning public relations and marketing communications firm, one of their many 2021 garden trends is to see an increase in gardeners adding more tropical looking plants to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Since lockdowns and sheltering in place orders are still happening and will continue until we can re-open our local and national economies, gardeners will want bring a sense of tropical vacation to their own garden spaces.

And, why not?


And checkout our garden trends video based off Garden Media Group’s 2021 Garden Trends survey!




There are many different tropical-looking plants that can grow in different climates and regional zones outside of the tropics; like









You can find out more about 2021 garden trends by the Garden Media Group here.






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Learn about this one 2021 garden trend on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.