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Learn about these 6 summer flowering plants to sow this May and the main key to know to when to expect those flowers on this quick garden minute podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 6 Summer Flowering Plants to direct sow in the month of May for late summer and fall flowers
  • The main key to know when they will flower
  • Where you can go to learn more about planting garden bulbs

6 Summer Flowering Plants to Sow in May

It’s May and you CAN still direct sow many different flower seeds that you will still see flowers from this year.

We have 6 fun flowering plants you can direct sow outside and grow from seed right now!

The key is to know

The key to know is how long it will take for each of these different plants to flower after it germinates. Each of the flower seeds we have below will flower a little later in the summer than if you had planted the seed earlier indoors, but they will also flower well into the fall past when other plants stop flowering, extending their color and beauty.


The Seeds to Sow

So, here are our 6 beautiful flowering annual plants that you can sow in the month of May.

We will also tell you how long it will take for each of these plants to flower after the seed germinates.

They are:

  1. Zinnias like Bonbon Bicolored Mix and Meteor at
    • 50-60 days to flower after germination
  2. Cosmos like Apricotta at 
    • 60-90 days to flower after germination
  3. Cape Daisy like Zulu Prince 
    • 60 days to flower after germination
  4. Nasturtiums like Fiesta Blend 
    • 30 to 45 days to flower after germination
  5. Celosia like Flamma Orange
    • 90 days to flower after germination
  6. Verbena like Vanity
    • 85 days to flower after germination


If you are looking for other flowering plants to direct sow this spring or later this year, definitely check out our favorite online seed retailer, Eden Brothers at Eden Brothers.comand make sure to use our coupon code: SPOKENGARDEN at checkout for 15% off your purchase.


Sowing Seeds Can be Tricky

When considering direct sowing seeds, it’s also great to know how far a part each seed needs to be sown from each other or other plants and how deep to sow that seed, otherwise your seeds might not grow as healthy or at all.

That’s why using an accurate seed sowing tool, like the Little Dibby and the Dibby XL, is so important for high seed germination and more!

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Consistently sown your seeds with confidence and later transplant your seedlings easily with the Little Dibby or the Dibby XL. Each tool has many uses and this is why we invented our dual-purpose tool.

Check either of our seed sowing and transplanting tools on our Etsy shopShopify shopGoogle Shopping, and coming to Amazon soon!

A link for each will be in this episodes description!

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