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Learn which of these 5 alternatives to plastic containers fit your garden design and style on this quick garden minute podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What plastic container alternatives exist
  • 5 different non-plastic containers to fit your garden style and needs
  • How can you use alternatives to plastic in your garden

Why do you use containers in your garden?


There are many reasons to grow your plants in containers for many reasons.

  • To optimize your growing space
  • To take advantage of different container heights for specific plants
  • To help accentuate different plant leaf or flower colors
  • To frame entrances or control foot traffic or even to help draw the eye to a garden focal point

There are so many containers these days made from plastics and plastic resins, so what alternatives are there to plastic containers?  

5 Alternatives to Plastic Containers

If you have been thinking of moving away from using plastic containers in your garden, here are  5 specific alternatives that will help you lessen your environmental impact AND be a good steward of your garden and area.


To start our list of container alternatives, let’s talk about:

Fabric containers, bags, and pots –  a great example of these is Smart Pots! They manufacture many different shapes and sizes of fabric containers to fit the many needs of all vegetable and flower gardens. Check out their 6 foot, 8 foot, or 12 foot long raised garden beds and make sure to take a peek at their round fabric planter. And, best of all, they are Made in the USA!

  1. Coco Fiber Pots – A great example of these are sold by Gardeners Supply. Their 12″ round pot is very versatile and useful around the garden. And, it can be composted when it no longer can sustain its shape. 
  2. Now let’s talk about Metal containers – A really fun trend the last couple of years  has  been adding metal horse troughs to give any garden that laid-back, country feel. Many homesteaders like using different sizes and shapes to make their gardens as unique as possible. They can come with or without a bottom for your different drainage needs, too. Click over to Gardener’s Supply or Tractor Supply to see their fun selection.
  3. Wood containers – a tried and true classic kind of container for your garden. That “wood” look can give a garden a sense of age and beauty, and different shades of brown help blend each container with its plants into your landscape. These are available everywhere, but definitely check your local garden center or nursery to see what unique and handmade wood containers they have.
  4. Our last plastic alternative are Terra Cotta containers – another very classic garden container. These give a sense of antiquity, as clay pots have been used for 1000’s of years in gardens across the world. Having these kinds of containers around a garden can give a feel of vast age and being a part of a vast garden lineage of vegetable, herb, and flower growers. And, these containers can last a very long time in your garden if properly taken care of. Check your local garden center for any deals and here is a fun deal from Gardeners’ Supply 


These are only 5 of many different container alternatives, but we really like these.

Make sure to check out all the links in the episode description and take advantage of our partnership with SmartPots to get 10% off your total purchase by using the coupon code “SPOKENGARDEN” at checkout. 

So, what containers do you use in your garden?

Are any an alternative to plastic?

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