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Plant Care…

Satisfy your inner plant nerd with specific plant care knowledge about new york asters, tulips, and hellebores. 

Since you’re a plant nerd like us, you want to learn everything you can about all kinds of plants because the basic information is just not enough for you. Click above to claim your 3 FREE plant profile sheets so you can satisfy your inner nerd and learn more. Our gift to you! 

Learn important plant care about fall-blooming asters, spring-blooming (fall planted) tulips, and winter-blooming hellebores. You’ll discover:  

– How much water does the plant need?- What are its best companion plants?- How big will it grow? – How much sun will it need? – When will it bloom? – What type of soil does it need to be planted in?

– And, so much more!! Don’t get frustrated. These three, free plant profiles had you, the new gardener, in mind when we created them.

We’ve been gardening for years (read more about us here) so we know how time-intensive it is to look for all for all of this plant care information. Well, now you don’t need to. Just sign up and we’ll send ’em your way! Enjoy and happy gardening!


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