Fuchsia companion plants can enhance your landscape and provide stunning color combinations. Get landscaping ideas for pairing fuchsias with other plants in this podcast.

Looking for a friend (or two or three) for your beautiful fuchsia bedding plant?

Fuchsia companion plants share many characteristics in common but one of their main requirements is a love of partial shade.

From their variety of beautiful colors to their ease of maintenance, fuchsia plants make great companions and we’ve gathered a list of viable candidates for you to consider below.



In “Foolproof Fuchsia Companion Plants” – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 86 – learn about several companion plants that pair well with fuchsia bedding plants for your landscape. 

This episode is meant for any gardener looking for landscaping ideas for their own yard. 

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You can find beautiful fuchsia 3-inch potted plants and annual hanging baskets to add to your landscape in numerous color combinations.

✅ This specific Fuchsia plant is perfect if you want to plant it in your yard or create your own hanging basket. The beautiful flower colors will bloom this summer and into the fall season providing tons of nectar for butterflies and other pollinators!

By the way, because you might be interested in attracting more pollinators, we’ve created a pollinator garden shopping list that might be helpful for you!



Fuchsia Companion Plants 

Fuchsia 3-inch potted perennial plants and annual hanging baskets grow well in most climates but they prefer the shadier areas of your yard.

Whatever companions you choose to accompany them must share the same love of low light.

As a hanging basket, it’s usually best to keep a fuchsia by itself as it grows in every direction. Furthermore, it won’t have to compete with other plants for space or sunlight. 

However, perennial fuchsias love to be planted in the ground as a landscape plant and pair well with other plants that have varying different flower and leaf types.

Great companion plants for both fuchsias include:


Fuchsia Plant Care

Overall, fuchsia perennial plants and annual baskets are fairly low maintenance but do require a bit of care to extend their growing season.

In general, fuchsia plants:

  • Need shade or low sun
  • Like well-draining soil
  • Need regular watering, especially on hotter days
  • Some maintenance is needed to pinch or cut away seed pods so plants keep blooming
  • Spent blooms need to be picked up every couple of days (or they will pile up and look messy!)

With proper care, your fuchsia plants will bloom continuously from spring through the fall season and provide food for all the pollinators throughout this time.



 Fuchsia Flowers and Planting Videos






 Fuchsia Plants (and Books) For Sale

You can purchase fuchsia plants in several different places. They are usually quite abundant during the spring and summer seasons.

Fuchsias can be started from seed, grown from starts, or purchased as larger, more established plants.

The best part is there are so many beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes available.

Our beautiful selection of live plants come from Amazon and most offer prime shipping so you can receive them quickly!

✅ This specific Fuchsia plant is perfect if you want to create your own hanging basket. The beautiful flower colors will bloom this summer and into the fall season providing tons of nectar for butterflies and other pollinators!



Fuchsia ‘Dollar Princess’

Buy this single, beautiful plant that comes in a 3″, well-establish pot.

Purple Double Petals Fuchsia Seeds

Grow your own Fuchsia plants from seed and pot them however you like!

Fuchsia Reference Book

Own a reference guide to 500 different types of fuchsias and become an expert!


Or, if you need to shop for other garden plants for this summer, click the link below.



Fuchsia Companion Plants Conclusion

Whichever companion plants you choose for your fuchsia, you’re sure to add color and interest to your garden.

From annuals to perennials, as long as they like partial sun, they are probably a great fit for your fuchsia plant.

Now we want to hear from you!

Which plant would you consider pairing with your fuchsia plant? Do you have any other ideas for great fuchsia companion plants?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!


That’s all for this DIY garden minute episode!

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Fuchsia companion plants can enhance your landscape and provide stunning color combinations when paired with the right plants. Get ideas for fuchsia companion plants in this podcast.


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Fuchsia Companion Plants

Learn how to enhance your landscape with fuchsia plants (or hanging baskets) by pairing them with their favorite companion plants!


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